Double D Karaoke
The Music You Love To Sing And Dance To

About Us

My interest in Karaoke started about 15 years ago. Already coming from a musical background, (musician, audiophile, and sound engineer), within a couple years I collected enough personal karaoke music to start my own business. Purchasing the proper equipment and ever growing song selection has allow us to provide quality music for years.

Some of the equipment names we use are - Peavey - Behringer - JVC - RSQ - On Stage - Vocopro - Chauvet - Eliminator - Stanton - Furman - Alesis - Dell - HP - Seagate - Western Digital

Karaoke music from Sound Choice, D K, Chartbuster, Music Maestro, Pocket Songs, Backstage, Legends, Sunfly, Sweet Georgia Brown, Rhythm and Blues, All Hits, Standing Ovation, Top Tunes, Star Disk, Tip Top, Big Country, Amerising, Country Starz, Easy,Hits Monster Hits, Pop Hits, North Star, Nutech, and others.

 In 2008 we went Digital and stopped using CD's at our shows. Converting the CD's once you get thousands just made sense..We no longer bring a CD player to our shows due to the huge selection from multiple sources.

We have contracts for our private shows and single
events that usually requires a deposit and contains a cancelation clause.


Prices are determined by type (Karaoke - DJ or both), location (distance), time (amount of hours), group size, location set up (parking-stairs-etc), date or day of the week may also matter. A standard show runs approx 4 hours, but will amend as needed. Bars may qualify for professional courtesy rates on recurring or multiple night shows.

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